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Hi there, folks!

I don’t usually post more than images but yesterday was a big day for Modern Voids!

The Pioneer Valley Workers Center of Northampton, MA ( the town where these fine voids are created) hosted an art show for artists who work in the local restaurant industry.  For once, I was glad to be working as a waitress!  I chose four comic strips and got them printed all nice and matte and placed into frames – and sold three!

Having only launched this strip last month – beginning with one humble doodle on a lazy afternoon – getting to take part in this huge event in my hometown and have such an overwhelmingly positive response is super encouraging.  It will almost make going back to my job all the more bearable.

To finish off the night, my band Street Change performed to a packed house and started a full-on dance party.

photo credit: Adam McClellan
photo credit: Adam McClellan

To say I struggle with feelings of self-doubt and anxiety over presenting anything I create would be an understatement.  So, to those of you who keep up with these silly drawings of mine, and find a humor that resonates with the bullshit of your daily life, thank you for your time.


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